My Favourite Things

As much as I love writing - listening and reading are also among my favourite things to do! A lot of my personal insight on the Word of God is from the Holy Spirit. However, there is also so much available to us through extensive resources that we can draw upon to receive wisdom.


If you don't know where to start, these are a few of my favourite things (in no particular order of preference)... 

God conversations.jpg

God Conversations

Hosted by Tania Harris, this podcast covers the various ways in which God speaks to us, why He speaks through different means and how we can better cultivate conversations with God. I have found these podcasts incredibly interesting to listen to, especially the ones on the topic of God dreams!

the good life.jpg

The Good Life

Stevie and Sazan Hendrix are a beautiful couple and influencers who are unashamedly after God’s heart. These two are so relatable and cover a wide range of topics across life and faith. Insights provided by guests add much value to the evident wisdom that both Stevie and Sazan display, delivering absolute quality!

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Overcoming Your Shadow Mission

Never in my life had I given thought to the existence of a shadow mission before this book! John sheds a light on the strategies employed by the enemy to subtly lead us away from our God given mission. If we’re not aware, we can so easily be enticed to settle for less than God’s best. This book taught me to live with intention and pursue nothing short of the authentic mission God has for me.

I am Adamant.jpg

I Am Adamant

Based on Lisa Bevere’s book, ‘I am Adamant’, this podcast series is all about finding God’s truth in all areas of life and having the confidence to speak and live out His truth in a world where all is viewed as relative. With world class guests, this podcast features insightful perspectives that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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Kris Vallotton

Key to the pastoral team at Bethel Church, Pastor Kris has a highly anointed prophetic gift and an ability to shift mindsets. Sermons featured in this podcast series are thought provoking and usually encourage me to open up my Bible and re-read scripture from an entirely new perspective!

leading on empty.jpg

Leading On Empty

I read this book at a time when I was on the verge of a burnout. I had committed myself to so many things over an extended period of time which left me with not much to give. Pastor Wayne, who leads a significant ministry in Hawaii, provides wisdom on how to sustainably lead others (both in church ministry and the marketplace). What I found useful was the warning signs to take note of and the practical strategies to ensure my tank is not depleted, enabling me to lead and love effectively. I also love the many quotes from inspirational leaders planted throughout the book!

she laughs.jpg

She Laughs

A conversational podcast between two vivacious African American women, Kristal and Tanisha. The podcasts cover very relevant topics for both Christian and non-Christian listeners. Viewpoints shared are biblically based in a manner that is full of truth and grace.

5 love languages.jpg

The 5 Love Languages: Singles Edition

This book is a game changer for relationships! Written by a Christian (Gary Chapman) with biblical principles, I believe it’s also relevant for non believers. Reading this book taught me much about myself and the people in my world, causing me to be more intentional about nurturing the valuable relationships in my life.

dreaming with god.jpg

Dreaming With God

Pastor Bill Johnson reveals the secrets of using God’s unlimited supply of wisdom, imagination, creativity and dreams to shape the spheres in which we have been positioned. The reader is encouraged to adopt the mind of Christ, ask God the big questions and dream bigger to have greater impact for the Kingdom of God. I’ve received so many more dreams from God since reading this one!