Hi, I'm Oyelola.


It makes my heart happy that you're here!

As an introverted creative, I've always favoured communicating through the written word. During childhood, I'd escape reality by crafting fictional stories. My emotionally dynamic teenage years were expressed through poetry. Adulthood has birthed a passion for observing the world around me and sharing my story.

Journaling is a regular practice for me; a way to process my emotions and thoughts. What began as written conversations with God, evolved into capturing insights and revelations received from God.


For the most part, I kept these to myself, sharing with a friend or two. Until I felt consistently prompted by God to share my writing with you.


So I did.


This blog is for you! It's a blog about the Christian faith, filled with my personal experiences.

Each blog post is inspired by a life with Jesus, based on biblical content, bringing scripture to life using godly wisdom. Check it out here. And ff reading isn't your thing, my Instagram reels may be just what you need. 

I pray you leave encouraged!